Oh, to be 16 Again!!!

How's that for a picture of true happiness? A Rage Against the Machine T-Shirt, A pink feather tiara and an army jacket blowing out the 16 candles (Hanukkah candles on sale from Tar-jet make great birthday torches!) on his Snickers Ice Cream cake.

That's us...always original and quite often tacky!

I left the cake ordering up to the Eldest Unnamed One and the Double Witch...and they tried to do the right thing...The people at Cold Stone asked how many people would be eating cake, they said 5 and so when I arrived to pick it up- it was tiny...but goooood!

I know, it was the second day of Lose the Halloween Poundage...but I look at it like this: If it's a special occasion or you might never get to eat it again, it's calorie free.

The 2 pieces of Dove dark chocolate I later ate right before bed were just an oh-what-the-hell afterthought.

It was a great cake, a very special occasion and totally worth it.

I just can't believe I only have 2 years left with this precious one before he too abandons ship...er, I mean leaves for college.

Every day he is wiser and funnier and totally one of the great joys of my life. I'm pretty lucky to have such amazing kids.

And I've totally adopted the Double Witch, even if she has stolen the Eldest Unnamed's heart...

Now...onward to defrock the Christmas tree and remove the birthday balloons from the lighting-up reindeer in the front yard!

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Teena said...

That cake looks yummy!! Gimme some!!!