Procrastination in the Name of Research

Christmas Decoration Excuse # 50203

I was daydreaming...

Looking at lake property and thinking of what it would be like to live on the lake and see water gently lapping at my dock while I write the Great American Novel...which by the way I am also not doing!

While some, a lot even, progress has been made on dismantling Christmas, the house looks more like a war zone than ever! But this too shall pass.

I have written 54 first paragraphs of the Great American Novel, aka GAN, but to little avail. My characters just aren't talking to me yet.

I do have however, a cast of interesting folks to inhabit this novel, should it make it that far!

A mom not unlike me who's got 2 boys in college...She's also got an ex-husband named Kevin and found her neighbor, Heather's blue thong underwear in Kevin's briefcase...This precipitated their divorce...Well, duh!

An elderly great-aunt with early Alzheimer's and an old white Victorian in a little lake town in S. Virginia (That's how I can call browsing realtor.com for lake houses "research!")

And her youngest son has just called his mom unexpectedly because he and the mom's great aunt have just been arrested...Seems the aunt's running an adult toy store out of her home, without a permit. She thinks this is doing a public service to her fellow seniors and is incensed that the cops would think otherwise.

The youngest son is just mortified that the cops think he had anything to do with this, but on the other hand, it appeals to his revolutionary side to be in conflict with the authorities.

And our poor beleaguered mom is just looking for a simple life without complications...

Until she arrives in Snow Falls and walks smack into trouble...in the form of one deadly handsome sheriff and....well, who knows?!

What'dya think? Would you want to read about these guys?

Think of it as a bedtime story...What else would you like to see included in this tale I'm telling you? Of course, there's no guarantee it'll get in there once the characters take over!

And none of this is getting the Christmas decorations put up...But in the opening scene, that's what the main character is doing...So at least my chores get done vicariously!

Isn't it fun being a writer?

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