Sidestepping My Inner Bitch While Waltzing With The Woman I'm Becoming

The Eldest Unnamed One is on the bandwagon of creating your own reality. He's wants me to read a book I gave him for Christmas- How to Expand Love by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I saw the Dalai Lama on a TV special a few weeks ago and was delighted with his sweet giggle and loving attitude, so I'll start it tonight.

I need the shot of positive energy. I need a bullet-proof vest to keep me from falling into the negativity that sometimes seems to surround me. It's very easy to relapse into my Inner Bitch, so I'll pump up the Woman I Hope To Become with some Dalai Lama.

And maybe we'll get snowed in as they're predicting for Thursday and I'll have a good dose of teenaged boys to bolster my forward push.

AND I wrote 5 pages of the new book today...

Life is always looking up...as long as you don't trip over your own issues.

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