Slipping Seasons

  Maggie and I do like our morning walks. 

020   She’ll let me have a cup of coffee, but then we’re off- striding across the fields, exploring.


This weekend it was evident Summer is on the wane.  The grass is crisp and crunches beneath our feet. The tops of the trees are already beginning to glow red and orange.

cabinpano914   The deer must’ve gotten the memo about Bow Season starting up Oct. 3rd, because they are nowhere to be found.  The Moonshiner says that’s on account of the big cat I caught on the trail cam back in May.  He says its got all the deer scared.  tsfield


Change is coming, that’s for sure.

But the trellis and the Big Ugly aren’t about to give up the ghost…



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Beth said...

Nice pictures, Nancy. I love that early-morning slant of light.