They’re Everywhere!



At a distance, she appears like a goddess in a long, green prom gown, about to step out, arms outstretched, sleepwalking away from summer’s waning days.

But oh, to see her up close!


  Dropping down from the top rails, huge green leaves waving overhead like fans carried to shelter the sultan’s mid-day walk.  Little gourds dropping in along the sides of the trellis like little green alien children playing on monkey bars.

IMG_8484  They hide, the bigger boys, behind clumps of leaves, hunkered down and growing fat.


Happy, happy gourds, finally warm enough to spread their wings and fly across the trellis…


I had to add extra tree limbs to support the heavy growing vines as they tossed tendrils across the top span and began working their way toward the west-facing side of the structure. 

It was a full moon the night the little gourds began sprouting and I envisioned them stretching out their flappy tendrils, waving at the big giant gourd overhead, saying “Hey, look down here! Look at us! We’re just like you!”

I bet those gourds think they’re going to one day grow so large and round, they’ll just float off to join the moon.

No wonder they’re so happy in the Big Ugly!

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