Life in the Country…Branding


Another lovely weekend in paradise. The rain held off until I’d painted the porches…



Some time after midnight it poured and I’m afraid there may be a price to pay. Little bubbles had formed beneath the new paint along the edges of the porch. Oh, well…live and learn. Painting’s good exercise for the brain. You can do a good bit of thinking while the brush moves back and forth, back and forth.

I’d just finished putting the rockers back in place when the Moonshiner showed up bearing a white plastic sack full of food from his granddaughter’s birthday party.

“There’s cake in there, too,” he said, nodding at the bag. “All she wanted was a John Deere tractor cake.” He beamed, ever the proud grandpa.

“Which birthday is this?” I asked.


Precocious child. Already knows her tractor brands.

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Beth said...

Your porches look so inviting, Nancy. Who cares if there's a few bubbles in the paint? Paint bubbles are of no concern when you're sitting with a good book on a lazy summer afternoon going back and forth and back and forth in that porch swing. :-)