All the Responsibility- Half the Time...Flying Solo

Ah, I see my friend, Christina, over at solomother.com shares the Insomnia Bug. She's not counting zebras but she is staring up at the ceiling some nights- with good reason. Christina writes about her experience as a single mom "starting over" with great poignancy and without a trace of self-pity. You really should check her out!

I think so many of us single moms are really a lot like trapeze artists- we fly through the air on a wing and a prayer, hoping against hope that when we reach out for that bar,or the proffered hand, it will be there and we will make it to safety because we are working without a net.

Sure, Christina looks down once in awhile, but she doesn't stay focused on that all too possible fall. Instead, she stays in the present, enjoying the small victories and celebrating the moments she and her boy have together. She values the valuable-the now- all the while keeping one eye on the future...and sometimes, just like all of us, she has a bit of trouble sleeping.

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