The Price of Doing Business...Here

The Unnamed Ones are at it again. Last week while the Eldest was home sick with a bug and his brother was keeping him company, they made more money in three hours than I make consulting in my three nursing homes in a week!

Smug. Let me tell you, they are full of themselves.

They even gave me change back when I sent them to the store!

What is the world coming to?

Hey, maybe I should charge a commission on all their work as A.) this is my house and they were using my utilities and, more importantly...B.) I was the one who raised them to be such devilish entrepreneurs!

That's worth what, 30 percent?


Billy The Blogging Poet said...

I'd say at least that much. Maybe more.

Teena said...

Sorry I haven't been around in a bit but life has been busy ... school on Monday night and chairing an AGM last night.

How are they making $$? Do they want to hire you and I?