What Happened?

When did this happen?

When did he grow from a little boy who loved his yellow raincoat and his pacifier

Into this man?

Weren't we just lying on the family room floor playing with his "little guys?" How did this happen? What happened to the baby who didn't sleep through the night for years? Or my little boy who cried because he turned 5 and I told him he was a "Big Boy" now?  Where's the boy who stood by my side at book signings, arms crossed, unsmiling because he was on duty as my "bodyguard"?

I know, things change.  My boys have grown up and I have grown older.

But no matter what- the more things change...

The more they stay exactly the same...


T said...

He grew up to be a loving and caring young man! Great job "Mom"!!

LBDDiaries said...

So funny! And you're right - the relationship may change but it grows richer and deeper as they grow older. I, too, am stymied how my son turned 30 last year while I wasn't looking. Great post! Beautiful couple, too!

hugh said...

It looks like you did a great job as a mom!

My youngest will be flying out of the nest soon and I'm more worried about it than he is.