Ophthalmologists See Straight Through You in Randolph County

This quote was taken directly from a Randolph County, NC Commissioners Meeting.  I am a fiction writer and I can only aspire to invent a character as wonderfully quirky as Evangeline James.

"Evangeline James spoke, saying that she was currently a notary public and doesn’t charge because she is “for the underdog.” She said that she believes that before anyone is issued any type of firearm, there should be an international background check performed. Ms. James also said 'the eyes are the windows to the soul, meaning that ophthalmologists can look into our eyes and see every single thing that is wrong with us. So cut the crap and get everyone an eye check.'"

When writers gather and someone tells a story that is simply too wonderful, the highest compliment the others can pay is to ask "Are you gonna use that? Cause if you aren't, can I have it?" That is how I feel about Evangeline. I just have to use that somewhere...

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LBDDiaries said...

Get everyone an eye check... so funny. We'd be in trouble if that was true - there would be a cop outside every eye doctor's door, waiting to hear the verdict - guilty or not!