Christmas Chaos...It's Baaack!

It's that time of year...Down with the fall crap and up with Christmas. These are the before pictures. My office and den "before" I began dragging box after box after box down from the attic- before the transformation that should both exhaust and hopefully exhilarate us into the spirit of the holidays.

It looked pretty bare around lunchtime.

A few hours later, however, we had mass chaos. The place looks like a tornado hit it!

Through all of this, the big yellow lump on my office carpet remains in place, sleeping off a day of barking at the neighbors' dogs (Think that's why they're moving?) while Maggie the Schnauzer follows me from picture to picture, hoping for a yummie handout.

And speaking of yummy handouts:

When the going gets tough around here, the tough make a lemon glaze poundcake. One must keep up one's strength during these decorating marathons.

This year I am embracing my inner glutton.


Anonymous said...

The pound cake looks perfect. I can almost smell it...

Nancy said...

Thanks! It was warm and rich with lemon and butter. I'll be doing some work to exercise this off!

Teena said...

Good job! Wanna come over to my place and do the same??!!

I'll have some of the poundcake, pleez :)

Tracy said...

I just decorated and made a dessert too. Stop by and check it out. :)
http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/ Tracy