It Is Not A Good Day To Be A Fish...

The Unnamed Ones came home from school with a stomach bug. But they are men...

and didn't call The Mom.

Instead the Oldest Unnamed One curled up in his bed, in the dark, wearing his Eagles jacket and wrapped in his quilt. I didn't even see him as I walked through the house, into my room where I found the Youngest Unnamed One, a.k.a Bag Boy, curled up in my bed watching HBO and hugging my pillow.

I found the dead fish on my way to get the thermometer.

The Oldest Unnamed One keeps/kept it on the counter there because "It stinks!" I told him, "Change the water more often!" He said, "It's not that!" But I didn't hear conviction in his voice.

Still the Beta made it over two years, so I suppose that's good in fish years.

However, a boy must be responsible for his pets, so I called, "Hey, come flush this fish!" I know the demise of the fish is not news to the boy. It appears to have been dead for at least a day or two and it is their bathroom.

A croaking voice from the Oldest's bedroom cried weakly, "I can't. I think I'm going to throw up!"

That's when I realized we were dealing with a plague.

One dead fish, two sick boys and you know, I'm not feeling too hot myself. I'm sure it's all in my head. Sympathy pangs, right? Because I really can't get sick. Not now. Not with the weekend two days away. I have, for once, plans.

Wonderful, indulgent, all-about-me plans.

Let's see...the boys had stomach aches over the weekend that have now blossomed into throwing up today, Tuesday. I have a stomach ache today...that puts hurling on what, FRIDAY?!

I know. It's a selfish, bad mommy who thinks of herself when her boys are worshipping the porcelain throne.

But...I'm going here:

Where I will see this:

And soak in this:

And I'll do a little of this:

And this:

And I'll sleep a lot here:

And I'll look out at the woods and feel like this:

Unless of course...I become a plague victim.

Which would probably be karma for thinking about the weekend when my boys are thinking about hurling!


Roch101 said...

That cabin looks awesome. Rental? Where is it?

Teena said...

Sounds awesome! I'm a big fan of white and big tubs! Have fun :)