Countdown at Holiday Central

Greetings from the Rooftop of Holiday Central!

Mertis and the Youngest Unnamed One braved the approaching storm front and the second story roof pitch to plant the big wreath and the colored icicle lights high atop the house.

Then, in a fit of over-zealous light-slinging, I managed to blow out the entire right exterior side of the house- power-wise, that is. The electrician is coming tomorrow. And he said I couldn't possibly blow the new panels- Ha! I showed him! (Wonder how much it'll cost to fix this kettle of wattage?)

Well, it was good for one night at least-

On top of that, a second front blew through with a vengeance. A body count of the front yard casualties revealed one reindeer, 4 multicolored trees and the biggest strand of light balls had fallen victim to the wrath of the wind.

It's been a wonderful weekend, despite wind and power failure issues...With lots of cookie baking and tree decorating.

Mertis made one of her cookies talk, then bit his head off.

The Manly Men Duo worked hard on the indoor tree lights.

With good results, I think.

The Eldest Unnamed One and I have cooked up a blizzard of soups and dinners and will be attacking the yeast bread lesson some time this week. In the meantime there are cookies to be baked and mailed.


Anonymous said...

No cookie contest this year?

Nancy said...

Hey, Friend! Glad to know you're around! Hmmm...contest. Maybe a good idea. I just finished up work for the holiday, let me take a brief breather, then see about it. What kind should I raffle off? Any favorites?