New Year's Wishes From the Little Log Cabin in Southwest Virginia

Another year gone...

In May, I discovered my little cabin in the hills and it has become my sanctuary. The place where I go to find quiet and peace.

I have seen summer, fall and now the beginning of winter there and so far, every season is full of beauty.

The writing hasn't gone so well this year, full of fumbling and false starts. It's as if a part of me is in deep freeze, inaccessible when I call on it to spark the passion necessary to good writing.

Oh well. I think it's hard to write well when the pressure is also there to make it pay the bills. Silly me, picking two professions that don't pay nearly as well as say...computer wizardry. Wish I could say I would do differently in my next life, but I'm fairly certain I would still lead with my heart.

My Sister Flea gave me the good word when I went down to visit Mom last week. She breezed into our designated shopping spree location saying, "Good news! This is your year to achieve!!" I said, "Does that mean make money?" Flea smiled serenely. "It just said achieve- so I suppose that means whatever you set your mind to will happen."

I took it as a good sign.

Maybe if I spent a little more time up at the cabin...

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