Lightslinging in the Mountains

It's been a long day at the cabin. Mertis and Marti's husband, Gary, split a ton of wood. Mostly the pieces of the old walnut tree we had to cut down this past summer. Right now huge chunks of it are burning in my wood stove and the house is toasty warm.

The lightslinging continued here, too. Mainly on the inside, but a few outdoor items. Mertis says she thinks the old cabin won't be able to withstand me at Christmas time but I say you never know til you plug in that last thing and the whole panel blows!

Joe's lab, Shannon, came down from his place and cried so pitifully I let her in and fed her supper. She still thinks she lives here and seeing someone else in her master's house confuses her. I would've made her stay outside so she'd eventually go on back up the lane to her new house but she let out a long "intruder alert" bark and that was enough for me! I figure if the bears or mountain ruffians are looking for trouble they can face down the two of us a lot better than me alone. I'll remind Shannon where she lives in the morning.

I wish I could get the pictures to upload, but here on the mountain, it's dialup and uploading a photo seems almost impossible. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

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