The Ranchette Reunion

The Ranchettes arrived bearing gifts...


How could we go wrong with new "Doublicious" Butterscotch Krimpets?

And while I had great, far-flung aspirations for our weekend, there just wasn't enough time to cover everything. Besides, home was far too full of unexplored mysteries.

After the musket ball discovery in the garden


we began the Big Explore in the woods.


Rattlesnake Flower

Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper

Pointed Blue-eyed Grass

Pointed Blue-eyed Grass

And a couple of flowers we just couldn't identify, even with the book and Google.

But I learned the bird nesting over the back door is a Phoebe.

And we did see some of the local scenery.


Including the view from Joe's deck...


We reminisced with the Ranchettes' standard drink of choice, daiquiris, the first night but moved on to Mojitos for Saturday.

It was a lovely, lovely afternoon- We planted seedlings in the garden, sipped our drinks and...unlike our former, much younger, selves...

I'm ashamed to report...

We were in bed and asleep by 10 p.m.


And we'd only had 2 Mojitos a piece.

All too soon, it was over and they were on their way back north.



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Billy The Blogging Poet said...

I thought you quit blogging when your blog disappeared from Greensboro101 but instead I find out you ran away to Floyd.

Say hello to Fred First, Scott Perry, Amy at Floyd County Drygoods Erica and Chris of Floydfest and all the folks at Oddfellas and The Pine, and anyone else I might happen to know up yonder.

Random Blogger said...

You need to download AutoStitch.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Random! This is cool! (Providing I learn to do it with more than just the sample pictures!)