May Arrives at the Cabin

It's beginning to green up around here- almost as lush as it was the first time I came upon this place. In about 3 weeks it will have been a year.

I found narcissus blooming this trip- a late Spring surprise.

And wild Flame Azalea.

The garden is surviving. The tomatoes are still here, as are the peppers and the beans. The one artichoke I bought as a "wonder what this'll do" is doing better than all the others in the vegetable section. But over in the old fire-pit, one tiny plant is surpassing all his brothers in the "Big Ugly."

Last fall, after Halloween, I put the pumpkin in the pit in order to get ready for Christmas. One big seedling has survived and is making himself known. I discovered this when I went to amend the pit with potting soil and a gardenia. Looks like it'll be an eclectic garden season.

Maggie and I sat out on the porch swing this morning, talking over the options for the day and deciding where we'd go for her walk. It was a beautiful morning, followed by a lovely day.

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Kristine said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

I can't believe you read (Confessions of a) Pioneer Woman too!!!!! I "knew" Ree way back when she began blogging, through another website. She definitely gets around, lol.

You mentioned it's getting as lush as when you first saw this place. My dd and I first came to VA one year ago THIS WEEK to house hunt. And your pics look like my street!