A Day Without Music is Like...


I realized something a few weeks ago. I'd somehow managed to almost banish music from my day-to-day world.  Music- once the most important connection I had to my inner self. I sang. I wrote songs. I always had a song in my head, if not on my stereo.

If I needed to know what I was really worrying about, or celebrating, or needing, I had only to stop and focus in on the tune I'd been humming mindlessly. It was always the key to my unconscious.

Somehow I'd let it go and quit listening.

I couldn't figure out why my creativity wasn't flowing. I use music as a way to relax my mind. If I'm filling my head with worries and to-do lists, how can I expect to invent new stories?

Lucky Pennies sent me a thank you for wishing her a happy birthday. In her note she said she'd read my profile and thought I had good taste in music. That was my big wake up call.

It was time to update and plug in the new i-Pod.


Here's a bit of what I've been listening to-


Steve Earle and Allison Moorer- Days Aren't Long Enough

Foy Vance- Be With Me

Jesus Jackson- Running on Sunshine

Front Porch String Band- Hearts Against the Wind

Crowded House-Better Be Home Soon

Kasey Chambers- On a Bad Day

Patty Griffin- Heavenly Day

Brandi Carlisle- Josephine

Kelly Willis- Don't Come the Cowboy With Me

Grey Eye Glances- One Day Soon


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