The View From Here...

No School!  No Problem!

jan1608 004

A month ago, this tree looked like this:

dec11 013

I knew we should've waited to take down the light balls!  Can you imagine how it would look with the light balls shimmering through the ice?

Next year they stay up until St. Patrick's Day.

jan1608 006

It's not the cabin- but it's still beautiful.

I'm looking forward to rambling around with Ellen tomorrow.  We call it "having lunch" but we don't fool anybody.  We'll get in the car and head out for our designated lunch spot but there is no chance we'll wind up anywhere near there.  At least not without veering off and discovering some small wonderful and new-to-us bit of the universe.

We went to a tea room in Burlington in December and found a cedar chest and the world's ugliest dog (If only I'd had the nerve to snap the things picture while the shop owner's back was turned...but the poor thing was never out of his Papa's line of sight.)

The time before that we went looking for the Amish

in Caswell County...I forget why.

Tomorrow is Procrastination Friday.  That sounds like trouble to me.

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