Oh, Please Snow!



The Youngest and I are the same when it comes to snow...We LOVE snow days!  We hold our collective breath, stick close to the T.V and watch every broadcast. It doesn't matter that we know the weather people are only trying to build up ratings by fear-mongering with blizzards and ice storms.  We want to see the school cancellation list scroll across the bottom of the screen.  We want to know there's NO SCHOOL!

For two days I've tried to convince the Youngest we need to retreat to the cabin because, I tell him, it'll snow more there.  He just looks at me like I must be out of my mind.  Two days in a cabin with no cable, no TV, no Internet? With my MOTHER?  No, he wants to be home, close to his buddies.

Does he not get it?  The silence of fresh snow falling...The smell of it mingling with wood smoke...The white flake frosting coating gray, barren tree branches until even the dead of winter is beautiful again. ..Snuggling beneath quilts, playing backgammon, staring out the window as fat flakes dance quickly by.  The child wants to stay home with his friends when there is so much beauty to behold?

Damn straight he does!  I was just like him.

Oh, well.

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