Strange Sightings Around the Little Log Cabin

I've seen some strange rigs in my lifetime but this beats all. I was out walking around the old spring box across the lane when a bit of shiny metal caught my eye. With the leaves off the trees and the undergrowth dead, I could clearly see an iron mounted in the Y of a tree growing beside the spring box.

An iron. The top portion of the handle has been pulled off and a electrical wires somehow attached to it. Almost three feet of cord extended from the iron and had been wound around the trunk of the tree and then severed. When I looked at the spring box top I could see where the yellow wire seem to have been attached to it and then severed, leading me to wonder if somehow power was at one point run to the iron and maybe past that to the pump in the spring box? Why? What purpose would that serve? Wouldn't the iron be "hot?" No pun intended.

Is that weird or what?

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