Treasures from my Cabin's Past...



Joe, the man who owned the cabin before me, sent me this picture today.  It's the cabin as he first found it...No front porch, no addition, no back porch, no gravel parking area.  It's just my sweet, little cabin sitting in the middle of the green, green yard.  I was thrilled to see it.

Then he sent me the link to his blog and I found a few more treasures.  (I have linked to his blog and it's listed on my blogroll but I think you have to be listed as a "friend" to see the entries.)

This is the cabin just after he finished the addition...



And this is the back porch...


"i like havin a porch on the old cabin! all cut fron the land and the metal roof is great when it rains...sat out last night with the fire outside....tonight too..i have alot to think about..the fire and stars help me"   10/21/06 blog entry

Joe writes with a simple eloquence that cuts right to the heart.  And he makes my backyard look better than I ever could...



"its a new mourning...the sun is back and yesterday is dead and gone! i hope love comes back too.... "


A couple of summer's back the road washed out and Joe had to rebuild it...


I know we'd be totally lost without him! 


Thanks, Joe!


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