Holiday Uglies Strike N.C Family...Log Cabin Spared


The new year crept in quietly.  The Eldest Unnamed Boy, Lovey, Mertis and I watched "The Waitress" while the Youngest went bowling.  Then today I think the dreaded Holiday Uglies set in.

The Holiday Uglies are a combination of too much time spent together, on top of each other, not doing much of nothing while simultaneously making too much noise and taking each other for granted.  Add in a pinch of self-pity and a layer of "Damn it! I've got to go back to work tomorrow!" and you've got a lovely case of the Uglies.

Of course, nobody around here would intentionally do anything to hurt anybody's feelings- so after a few good blasts of hot air and a dinner of snow stew, life began to look up- not way up, mind you, but at least up.

There is much to be grateful for around here and we've a new year to plan and look forward to- So sitting around with our butts on our shoulders is not only uncomfortable, it gets in the way of seeing the future with a clear eye.

I will set the alarm clock for 6:30 a.m, get up, get ready, drive to work, get out of my car and look up at the building with a glad eye.  "Thank you for making my little log cabin possible," I'll say.

Okay, so maybe I'll just take a long swig of coffee and try not to trip over my own feet on my way to the front door...but at least I won't be whining about it. That's what today was for.

Happy New Year!


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