Will Smith and Fritos Can't Trump the Cabin-even when it rains...


I tell my patients I am the garbage lady. "Leave your garbage, " I say.  "Don't worry, I'll dump it at the end of the day."

By the end of some days I feel like my head is a landfill.

On days like this, I am grateful for the days when I can sit on my porch, rocking in the old wicker rocking chairs and look out at the rain spreading across the lane on its way to wash my cabin land clean.


What happens to the people I care for and about is never completely in my hands- not really.   I don't bring the rain that washes the world clean.  I can't bring the sunshine into every dark corner.

In the final analysis, I am only a privileged witness to the journey.  When I remember that people don't need me to "fix" them, only to listen and understand as they choose their own path- the landfill blossoms into a rich garden. 

                       03-07 061 

But don't worry...I am in no danger of becoming too highly evolved...I watched "The Pursuit of Happiness" tonight, at my boys' insistence, and had to eat 7 Peppermint Patties and a bag of Fritos just to get through the 89 minutes of Will Smith and his baby boy in agony-and all so I could "celebrate" the 60 seconds of victory before the ending credits rolled!

Note to self: No movies like this on days when real life is enough of a challenge...

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