Of Old People and Archaeologists



The mercury had to have climbed to 100 degrees this afternoon.  No one was out unless they had to be.  The flowers lining the beds in the back yard furled up their petals and hung their heads.  Even the foundations plants seemed to have picked up their roots and edged closer to the house.

Ever since I got pregnant with the Eldest Unnamed One, I haven't been able to stand the heat.  So imagine my disappointment at learning about the Big Dig happening just around the corner from my house.

As part of Greensboro's Bicentennial Celebration, an archaeological survey is being undertaken at the site of David Caldwell's old homestead.  On the news this morning, they even said volunteers were welcome today and tomorrow.

What an opportunity to learn about exploring old homesites for historical information!

But not in this heat.

The archeologists are some brave folks- enduring these record-setting temperatures to uncover "nails, bottle fragments, pieces of decorated pottery and lead-glazed earthen ware, burnt animal bone, brick fragments, lead shot and a pig tooth."

I find it utterly fascinating...walking in the footprints of our past, wondering and learning about the day to day lives of people we will never know. 

Maybe that's why I like my work with the Old Guys so much...I'm walking along behind them, trying to fit my smaller feet into the tracks of their much larger footsteps- hoping some of their wisdom and experience will rub off.

I suppose the only difference between me and the archaeologists is that I'm trying to catch the disappearing hem of history while its still here. 

Why is it the Old Guys are only really fascinating to the world after they're gone? 



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