Happy Father's Day From Down Here



I think a lot about Dad. The only way I get by without him some days is to remember that we, his children, are the living testament and monument to his life.  We honor Dad now by being the best people we can be.

My brother is making dad proud. 

You see, he gets it.  He understands it's all about family. 

Dad would drop everything when we all piled in to visit. He'd go to any and all lengths to insure everyone was happy.

My brother's just like Dad. He'll do anything for his kids and his family...No request is too much or too little...




Maybe it's in part genetic.



Why else would my brother and I affect French accents to become "The World Famous Mr. David and Princess Fritzi," the design team in charge of constructing this lovely castle?


We did it for them...


My brother cooks like Dad did...seasoning his meals with laughter and unconditional love.

IMG_1017 IMG_0688

John tells funny stories about his life and, without meaning to, teaches us not to take ourselves too seriously and that it's all right to try and fail.


johnpool (2)


Dad never pried. I don't know how he did it, but I doubt there was a thing about us he didn't know.  We opened up and told him everything and he never had to ask. He was the loving, non-shaming father who made us feel safe.




And my brother is just like him.


Happy Father's Day, John!





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