Any Beekeepers/Bee Removers Out There?


It appears to me a bunch of the old moonshiner's honeybees have returned to haunt my little log cabin. 

I suppose after all these years, they're really feral bees- but still, they need to reside somewhere other than in the walls of my house.

So, if anybody out there know of a good beekeeper or bee removal service in the Ferrum or Floyd vicinity, please drop me a line. I'd be much obliged.

With the scarcity of our bee population, I sure like to see them find a good home.


Don said...

At my previous job, we had a small bee infestation in a brick wall. Most pest companies will not handle bees. Here's the Guilford County Bee Keepers website - http://www.guilfordbeekeepers.org/ - they are a good source of info.

We ended up sealing the holes in the brinks when the bees were out. They eventually left for a better nest.

Billy The Blogging Poet said...

Getting the bees out is easy. The hard part is not getting stung,

Nancy said...

Thanks, Don! I sealed the cracks in the wall and now all I need to do is follow Billy's advice and not get stung! The beekeeper says to wear neutral colors and to save my mowing for early morning. "The worst thing you can do is wave your arms around and acting upset," the keeper said. "It makes 'em crazy!"