We Have Green Beans!


This is the year of the Grand Agricultural Experiment. First we planted packet after packet of seeds. 

Huge success.

Fifty thousand seedlings poked their tiny head up through the little peat pellets.


Note to Self- Unless you are going to plant 50,000 tiny seedlings, there is really no need to plant that many seeds. Your back will ache. Your garden will swarm with too many baby flowers and vegetables.  Your friends will see you coming, your arms full with yet another box of seedlings and...they will run away.



Then you will become one of those lonely little old ladies who stands amidst her wild and unruly cottage garden, talking to herself.

But I digress...

We planted gardens up at the cabin and here in town.

Guess what?

The plants here on the patio are doing better than the ones we carefully stuck in the ground and surrounded with 8' deer wire fencing.


You know why?

Because we live here.

Because here there are people to man the garden hoses for when the temperature reaches over 100 degrees.  Because there is always someone to say "Look, the basil's burning. Let's move it."



Basil tenders.

Now there are beans- plump, crisp, verdant, flavorful beans...all 18 of them.

Note to self- If you're going to raise beans, be sure to put in enough plants to yield a dinner-sized serving for more than one person.


Life.  It's just one big "growth" opportunity...



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