Day 3- Snug in my Little Log Cabin

It is still raining. Can you believe it? This was the view from my bedroom window this morning, before I rolled over and went back to sleep for 3 more hours.

The back creek is actually a creek now- full of water just like the others. Raking out the leaves and the muck paid off, I guess. But then, we must've had another 2" last night. Maggie and I ran around the cabin stuffing towels in leaks and grabbing buckets to put under the drips. It poured in through the chimneys which may explain why the gas logs won't light.

I think Joe's dog, Shannon, is pregnant.

I've been writing all afternoon but now it's time for a break. Maggie and I might ride into town and visit the D.Q. Maybe not though- we can always make a cozy fire and snuggle up inside. After all, there's no real rush to go anywhere anytime soon.

Life is good in the foothills of Southwest Virginia...

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