Spring Comes to Town Like Pumpkins Cover Ugly

Lest you think the town house has suffered from lack of attention due to "cabin fever," let me assure you that is not the case!

The roses, lilacs, camellias and a host of others are bursting into bloom.  There are a bunch of new shrubs out front and a small gaggle of friendly hostas who've come to live in a previously uninhabitable bed in the backyard. 

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The little seed pods we started almost two months ago are multiplying faster than we ever imagined, making it necessary to start a "townie" vegetable garden as well.





Mertis potted up a little gift basket of hollyhocks, foxgloves and assorted veggies and took the poor little orphans to our friend, Ellen- the greenest of green thumbs- in hopes they'd find a good home in her yard.

In the meantime, it's back up to the cabin tomorrow to do some serious vegetable planting.

When we had to take down the big tree, we were left with an ugly patch of roots and rocks.  We've tried to smooth it every way possible, but no joke, it's just a hard, immovable hunk of red clay and white quartz. (Which is strange as the rest of the soil isn't so thick with clay or rocks.)




So, in the spirit of "use what you have"- I'm thinking nothing covers ugly like a pumpkin vine.  Those suckers seem incapable of "failure to thrive."

In fact, the one and only experience I've had growing them was when the Unnamed Ones wouldn't let me pull out the seedlings that sprang up from the Halloween pumpkin I'd tossed into a raised bed right in front of our old house. That vine took over the entire front yard and grew all the way out to the street- a good 75' away.

Seeing as how I've got plenty of pumpkin, watermelon and gourd seeds, I figure I'll scatter those puppies out around the rock bed and see how well that works...It's the best I can do for now- at least until we get around to building a pole barn.


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Kristine said...

Great flower pictures! I'm enjoying the huge variety of plants, birds and night noises. We moved from Colorado--a true alpine desert, and this is so very different...just beautiful!