May the Blue Bird of Happiness Come to Roost in Your Trailer

The view from the back porch this morning as I drank coffee and contemplated saying goodbye to my week away from my regular life. A few moments later the rain began in earnest.

But a good pan of cornbread chased away the gloom.

I managed to squeeze in a few more pages of writing before it was time to take our morning walk and then clean the place from top to bottom.

The cabin afforded one last sweet treat before we left.

I had two bird houses which had been sitting on the porch for months, so this week, in a fit of "a place for everything and everything out of my hair," I walked out into the yard and hung them up. Didn't think another thing about them.

But as the rain cleared and I stood once again on the back porch, staring numbly into space, look who flew right slap out of the pink trailer birdhouse...

What a cool way to end the week.

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