Day 8- Goodbye Cabin

Goodbye little house.

Goodbye truck.

Goodbye neighbors.

Goodbye mountain.

Tomorrow is the last day. The last part of a day as we leave in the afternoon. Maggie won't know what to do with herself when she's once again just part of the herd.

We did get a lot done. The garden's started, sort of.
The trim got painted, partially.
A book got started.
A mountain got climbed.
The back creek is a creek again.

We learned a lot too...

We'll carry a cell phone the next time we climb a deer stand and scoff at turkey hunters.

We'll buy a wheelbarrow so we don't have to tote rocks to the garden, one bucketful at a time.

And we'll always take time to stop and watch the sunrise...even if it is from the cozy comfort of our own bed...

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