Decking the Halls with Orange Sharpies

I'm sick. I have the cold from hell and for some reason this makes me crazy.

It makes me want to show the cold who's boss...by standing outside in the cold night air, slinging yet more lights.

If I can haul reindeer and snowmen down from the attic, I must not be too bad off, I tell myself.

And somehow, when it's all said and done, I do feel better. I stand with my back against a big tree trunk, surveying the evening's progress, feeling the cool air on my cheeks and treasuring the silent night.

Maybe it's the fever.

Nah, just kidding. There's no fever. I'm in my right mind. Hanging around outside with just the snowmen to keep me company was more peaceful than the scene that greeted me when I returned inside. The Youngest Unnamed One was cursing my printer and computer for not printing his "last minute" project in the correct colors and snarling about orange Sharpies. Like somehow it's my fault there are no orange Sharpies in the house?!

The snowmen and the reindeer didn't complain. They weren't upset about spending ten months up in the attic and sweltering through the summer. You don't hear them bitching about orange Sharpies.

But then, they don't come to me and say, "Thanks, Mom. I love you," either.

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