Mostly Manly Men on the Town in Eyepatches

The Unnamed Ones are on parade tonight...The Eldest wearing his grandfather's favorite tweed jacket and the Youngest in his Goodwill funky suitcoat and vest. Ah, they cut the dashing figures, they do.

The eye patch belonged to my mother. She left it behind one time when she was visiting and it has made several appearances this fall. The Youngest Unnamed One came to me the night before School Picture Day and said, "What do you think would happen if I wore Gammaw's eyepatch to have my picture taken tomorrow?"

I said what all "good" mothers say. "Don't you dare!"

"But what do you think would happen?"

"You'd never get away with it," I answered.

Kiss of death.

He has never smiled like this in any school photo ever taken. It is the smile of the Glorious Victor. The Undefeated.

Wonder where it'll turn up next...

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