Slime-O the Car Burglar Misses Out

Well, it seems more memories got made last night than I thought when I wrote last night's blog. It seems, at some point probably while I was blogging about what a great night it had been- someone broke into my car. Yep, the one time I forget to lock it- they hit the car.

Things "Slime-O" Got-

My printer from my private practice office. Ha! Joke's on you, Slime-O! I only paid $20 for it at Big Lots AND, best of all, it was out of ink! Keep it! The ink costs more than the printer did! And he forgot the cord, so he can't plug it in!

My i-Pod. Doggone it, now that smarted a little...It's my lifeline when I'm driving. That's how I get so much "reading" done. Audible.com, downloaded novels. Sigh. And my music collection is unbeatable. Oh well. It's just an i-Pod, not a child or a fortune.

A case of bottled water. Why? Are crack addicts extremely thirsty? He left the toilet paper! Now a guy like that has to need t.p. But thanks to my grocery coupon and saving mania- I barely paid $3 for the water. Drink up, Slime-O. Anyway, maybe he needed it more than me.

He left the hand-crafted wooden dough bowl I bought at the Blueridge Folk life Festival. Thank God.

But he took my backpack and all of my nursing home notes. I hope he throws it out in a secure location. I'm glad I don't write their secrets on those notes. But I'll wind up spending a few hours trying to re-write what I can and reprint all the forms.

Things Slime-O Didn't Get-

All the used tissues and soft, King Leo peppermint wrappers. Damn it!

The newly opened can of Planters Cocktail peanuts.

My pictures of the cabin and research into its history.

Best- He overlooked my appointment book and the checks inside! Ha! Now I know what I'm doing for the rest of the month AND I can buy gas!

Even better- Slime-O left the pennies.

Things I Know About Slime-O

Slime-O's a thirsty guy and possibly constipated.

He must've had a vehicle and possibly an accomplice because that water was heavy!

He smokes Marlboro Menthol cigarettes. That was the first thing I noticed when I opened the passenger-side car door- the awful stench of stale cigarettes. But it was Mertis who recovered the butt and nailed down the brand. And just like on CSI, she carefully placed it, untouched, in a baggie...where it will probably stay until hell freezes over.

The last thing I know about Slime-O- He didn't have nearly as much fun as I did last night and I feel sorry for him. He got the i-Pod but he couldn't take the memories that went along with it.

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