Sunday Afternoon, Return to Reality

Such a cozy weekend- It would've been hard to leave the cabin behind and return home if not for the Unnamed Ones and Beloved waiting back at home.

I drove down the lane, snapping away as I attempted to preserve the last full vestiges of fall on the mountainside.

But once I was actually on my way, I soon noticed some of the other important landmarks of my trip.

For instance- the ghostly manger scene has been replaced by the more traditional Jesus and Mary...and Frosty the Coke Bear sitting to the far right of the picture. I hope you can see them. I was trying to be surreptitious.

I'm not sure exactly what took place at the house in my absence. The Unnamed Ones were in charge, but I do know a lot of Gordon Ramsey recipes got made and/or discussed. The Youngest got away with as much as possible, I'm sure. As they're both responsible, good guys, I trust no illegal activity took place and no one's life was actually in danger at any point in time. I'm the mom, so I suppose it'll be years before I truly know everything my children do these days.

A new novel has popped into my head with interesting characters and a great storyline. Unlike the last book, I actually know what's going on and who the characters are. I've been spending most of my sleepless or sleep-deprived nights thinking about the book and waiting to hear the main character speak the first line. This morning at four-thirty or thereabouts, she finally spoke.

"Three mailboxes guard the entrance to Gum Creek Lane," she said.

She actually said quite a bit more than that but I've been debating the rest of the first paragraph with her. Usually I wait a few months before I even think about starting the next book, but these guys have such a good story to tell and I'm bad about resisting temptation.

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