Let the Lightslinging Begin

Slowly, very slowly...It is beginning. First the office...

Then the attic...Where thousands of boxes wait, surrounded by an army of wire reindeer, icicle lights, multicolored, twinkling trees and garish, larger than life snowmen. It was frightening. They fought me like savages- snaring me with their hooks and tripping me with their wires.

But I prevailed.

The den mantle is done...That only leaves the rest of the house and the cabin. I figure I'll be finished by New Year's.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful, (your books as well as your blog). I was particularly moved by your post about the nursing home patients. I'm never sure whether I'll laugh out loud or get teary eyed when I check your blog, but either way I appreciate that you take the time to write. Please keep it up!