Outside Looking In...From Afar

I am lonely for my little cabin. How is it that I could spend so much time up there this summer and not be able to get there now?

Hmmm...I've gotta put some thought to this. It's time to set some limits and prioritize.

Family first. Cabin second?

Family first. Writing second. Cabin third?

Family first. Writing in the cabin second!

Family first. Writing in the trundle bed, under the cozy quilts, with a good view of the mountain from my cabin bedroom window- Priceless!

Maybe I should look into satellite TV, Internet access and ATVs for the cabin (yuck!) Then I could have it all- Family in the cabin while I'm writing beneath the cozy covers and peeking out the window at the hunters and bears rioting in the beautiful autumn woods!

But then, it wouldn't exactly be a quiet little cabin in the woods, would it?

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