Turkey Day Recovery

This was a day for retreat and recovery...so it was back up to the cabin, even if it was only for a few hours. Even more leaves have fallen making it easy to see the steep hills on either side of the drive up to the cabin.

I heard a gun go off as I drove in on the main road and wondered how many crazy people are out there shooting without proper gun safety education and knowledge...Of course, I was driving past an ammo shop when I heard the shotgun blast...Maybe it was an educational seminar. Yep, I'll just keep thinking positively about it...Even if it is a full moon.

The boys and the Beloved came home just in time tonight to keep me from scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand. "Woman, that's too crazy!" the Beloved exclaimed.

I agree. Thanksgiving Weekend is for relaxing, not doing penance on my knees!

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random blogger said...

Ok, so how do you get to the point where you can write enough of anything to write book? I can never write more than a few pages on anything. How many irrelevant details do you add to build on the character and sitution? Mentor me Nancy. If nothing else I want to tell the story behind my photos.